Graduates every year

Bridging Tunisian and Estonian ecosystems

Tunisia and Estonia estasblished official ties in 1992, and have since then signed cooperation agreements in culture, education and research (in 2005), along with cooperation in e-governance. We aim to establish trade relations by bridging institutions of both sides and act as an enabler and ecosystem catalyst.

  • Startup Act for Estonian startups and investors

    In April 2018, Tunisian parliament passed the Startup Act bill, which is a legal framework for startups and investors to access finance easier, along with tax incentives. Since then, over 800 startups (as of October 2022) earned the Startup Act label. Estonian startups could establish their Tunisian hubs with the support of the chamber, hire local talents, while benefiting from the Startup Act's incentives.

  • Startup Visa for Tunisian startups

    The Estonian Startup Visa helps non-EU founders grow their startup in Estonia, one of the world's best places to start and run a company. It also eases the process for Estonian startups to hire non-EU talent. Visit:

  • Polyglot talent pool

    Every year, about 11,000 IT trilingual IT students graduate from Tunisian colleges, which is a solution to Estonia's IT labor shortage of 7,000 engineers per year. Moreover, 65,000 graduate from 260 universities and 1000+ training centers

  • Triangular cooperation for Africa

    As part of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, Estonian companies could benefit from the on the ground expertise and market knowledge of Tunisian companies in Africa. Indeed, on an African scale, Tunisia ranks 2nd in the achievement of SDGs, setting up an online business, 3rd in goverment AI-readiness and 4th in ease of doing business.